Social Intelligence Metrics

With social intelligence metrics, your brand can fully leverage data from the internet to capture true consumer insights and market trends.  BrandMixer gives you the most complete, relevant and detailed metrics and diagnostics for your consumer products brands because we base our process and results on science.

Our team of analysts, social scientists, and data engineers use proven methodologies to go beyond standard social media measuring, reporting, and research.  We dig deeply and broadly into the social cloud as well as other relevant industry and third-party data sources to develop, interpret and correlate key metrics that deliver value to your marketing or sales initiatives.  We provide not just the metrics but the analysis–combining the numbers with a bias for informed action.

It’s time to establish your Social Intelligence Metrics.

What we research and analyze:

Sentiment – analyze the emotional equity and intensity that consumers experience with your brand.   Basket – find what other brands and products are associated with your brand.
Persona - understand your consumer’s demographics and interests.   Daypart – review when your brand is talked about.
Lexicon – discover which words, phrases, and descriptions are used to describe your brand.   BrandMixer Topic Social MetricTopic – learn how top consumer topics in your segment relate to your brand share.
BrandMixer Themes Social MetricThemes – what is currently happening in the segment/category/industry your brand competes.   Locale - measure where your brand is talked about.
BrandMixer Question Social MetricQuestion – get answers to your brand’s compelling questions; kinda like a Magic 8-Ball.   Brandality – reveal the personality of your brand across standard psychometrics.


Included with BrandMixer Social Intelligence Metrics: