Hear directly from your consumer.  Now more than ever, brands can leverage the internet to gain social intelligence.  By applying this intelligence to business issues, brands can quickly improve pricing issues, product flaws, SKU assortment, and maximize promotions.

Nine of 10 consumer products manufacturers (89%) include social media in their marketing plan, according to a recent survey by the Shopper Technology Institute.  Undoubtedly, your brand interacts with some form of social media like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  Many consumer products companies are now using Social CRM to help manage social media engagement; other companies are putting more and more dollars into Social Media Promotion.  Lately, Social Monitoring is helping consumer products companies crunch the vast amount of social data to produce general vanity metrics about their brand, consumer, and retailer. 

BrandMixer sidesteps the social media soup du jour and focuses on Consumer Insights through Social Science.  BrandMixer establishes standard Social Intelligence Metrics derived from what the consumer is actually saying about brands.  The Social Intelligence Metrics are formulated from Science, Psychology, Marketing, and Big Data.  BrandMixer helps optimize marketing strategies and increase the efficacy of distribution, assortment, merchandising, and pricing tactics.

BrandMixer partners with brand, trade, shopper, and sales teams to develop actionable recommendations to shape brand plans, influence retailer decisions, and understand the consumer path-to-purchase.  Through a combination of detailed reports, written analysis and consultation, BrandMixer delivers timely insights and builds selling stories that you can immediately leverage with your consumers and customers.


BrandMixer Social Intelligence MetricsSocial Intelligence Metrics
This solution provides relevant social metrics and insights to consumer brands.  The metrics get to the “why” of purchasing behavior.  BrandMixer tailors all the metrics to the consumer brand industry.  The BrandMixer Social Intelligence Metrics report includes all Social Science Metrics and is designed for Brand, Trade, or Shopper teams.  Learn More >


BrandMixer Advanced Social ResearchAdvanced Social Research
An enhanced solution that combines your syndicated data with advanced Social Intelligence Metrics to produce actionable insights.  Understand the impact social intelligence data has on your brand’s sales and dollar volume.  Learn how social metrics are contributing to incremental lift, baseline shift, or share changes.  The BrandMixer Advanced Social Research report can include syndicated analysis along with all Social Intelligence Metrics and is designed for Brand, Trade, Sales, and Shopper teams.  Learn More >