Optimize the mix.  Social analytics and insights can be applied to the 4Ps, DSMPs, MAPS, or whatever your company calls your mix of brand tactics.  Enhanced data along with true insights gives you the ability to decide what is best for your consumers and retailers.

BrandMixer interprets social data to reveal new consumer metrics about your brand and competition.  Social data analysis is an emerging discipline, and BrandMixer is at the forefront.  BrandMixer presents custom insights percolated from its unique and cutting-edge technology platform.   BrandMixer’s insights exhibit a clear distinction between a true insight and ubiquitous generalizations in order to significantly improve the quality of analysis and allow you to make actionable decisions.

Through BrandMixer solutions, consumer products companies receive perspectives on and recommendations for three key industry areas: Brand Marketing, Trade Planning, and Shopper Insights.

BrandMixer Social Intelligence Metrics Infographic: