Make plan.  Through the use of new, closer-to-the-consumer metrics, trim your marketing and trade expenditures.  Eliminate time-draining consumer studies.  Eradicate space-hogging consulting binders.  Applied Social Science Metrics can help you make plan by getting rid of traditional costs.

With BrandMixer reports, insights, and applied data, you won’t just understand social data—you’ll be able to integrate it straight into your product, marketing or sales efforts to boost results.  BrandMixer performs analysis, draws conclusions and makes fact-based recommendations which benefit your business.


 > Save time, resources, and budget.

 > Gain new perspectives on your consumers.

 > Share new perspectives with your retailers.

 > Understand what social intelligence metrics indicate movement along the path to purchase.

 > Unify social insights and retail activation to help strengthen relationships with your retailers.

 > Leverage the latest social research and insights to drive sales at the shelf.

 > Supercharge your existing data streams with social data.

 > Identify your brand’s true consumer behavior and characteristics.

 > Quantify the impact social metrics have on base and incremental volume.

 > Assess the competitive landscape and quantify your brand’s online presence.

 > Measure pre- and post-events with a new set of consumer metrics.

 > Dissect your consumer demographic, its sentiment and behavior over time.

 > Discover the main discussion topics and themes around your brand.

 > Collect valuable product feedback posted online.

 > Compare issues across many dimensions historically and identify current trends.