Big Powerful Social Data.

BrandMixer™ is a big data company that works with consumer products and retail companies.  BrandMixer provides new and better consumer data and insights by performing premier social data research, establishing relevant social metrics, and marrying social and shopper data.  Consumer product brands benefit by receiving insights that improve product, price, placement, and promotion, and ultimately, the P&L. 

At the heart of BrandMixer is the Social Coherence™ technology platform.  The Social Coherence platform aggregates millions and millions of social web data about a brand from social networks, review websites, consumer sites, niche forums, micro blogs, and much more.  Social data pours in from the “Posts”, “Reviews”, “Shares”, “Tweets”, “Ratings”, “Updates”, and whatever else the consumer posts publicly to the internet.  BrandMixer analyzes real consumer data about a brand to reveal cutting-edge Social Intelligence Metrics.  BrandMixer provides actionable marketing insights for a brand by being exclusive to the Consumer Products/Retail industry; applying these insights to Brand Marketing, Trade Planning, and Shopper Insights.  With BrandMixer’s team of analysts – all having blue-chip CPG experience – a brand will gain business intelligence, reduce marketing costs, make better decisions, and receive unparalleled benefits.

The BrandMixer Difference:

  • Focuses only on consumer products; analyzed by folks with relevant industry backgrounds
  • Establishes social intelligence metrics, specific to the industry, that are independent of your marketing efforts
  • Integrates your syndicated data with social data if requested
  • Delivers relevant insights on a timely basis
  • Researches the entire internet, not just select social media properties
  • Offers reports that all your teams can use: Brand, Trade, Shopper, Sales, and Agency
  • Provides you value and quick ROI


BrandMixer Company Goal:

To provide our clients leading-edge consumer insights that helps them gain business intelligence, make enhanced decisions, and, ultimately, deliver a better P&L.