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Social Intelligence for Consumer Brands  

BrandMixer is a big data company that blends brand analysis, consumer science, and social research.

We offer metrics, insights, and intelligence to consumer brands.

Brands benefit by receiving true consumer data that can be applied to improve sales and marketing efforts.

Facts not Fluff

Fact-based insights and intelligence from consumer brand experts.  Not from some silicon valley startup.

Human-Reviewed Data

Sorry folks, tech bots still can’t match human-reviewed industry experts. We put brains into data.

Reports not Dashboards

Dashboards mean you have to do the analysis.  Seriously, how much of trashboards do you really use?

Gain More Business Intelligence On Your Brands

Hear directly from your consumer.  Now more than ever, brands can leverage the internet to gain social intelligence.  By applying this intelligence to business issues, brands can quickly improve pricing issues, fix product flaws, change SKU placement, and maximize promotions.
See how BrandMixer makes you smarter, socially.

Reduce Marketing & Trade Costs Of Your Brands

Make plan.  Through the use of new, closer-to-the-consumer metrics, trim your marketing and trade expenditures.  Eliminate laborious consumer studies.  Eradicate space-hogging consulting binders.  Social Intelligence Metrics can help you make plan by getting rid of traditional costs.
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Make Better Tactical Decisions About Your Brand

Optimize the mix.  Social intelligence can be applied to the 4Ps, DSMPs, MAPS, or whatever your company calls your mix of brand tactics.  Enhanced data along with true insights gives you the ability to decide what is best for your consumers and retailers.
See how BrandMixer helps you decide.